CCP Advisor Talks About Winning the “Biological War”, Military Demonstrations in Japan & Unrestricted Warfare in Taiwan

Hello, everyone, welcome to “Inconvenient Truths”. I am your host Jennifer Zeng.  

Today I will talk about three topics, all very important. 1) About a top CCP professor’s shocking admission that China won the “biological warfare” in 2020. 2) About a series of Taiwan’s unexpected emergent situations, and whether the CCP is waging  “unrestricted warfare” against Taiwan; 3) About Japan, Europe and the US’s joint effort to tackle the CCP’s threat. So please make sure you stick around till the end. 


CCP Top Advisor: China Won “Biological Warfare” 

First, let’s watch a top CCP professor’s astonishing statement about China having won the “biological warfare” in 2020. Please make sure you read the English subtitles as he is speaking Chinese. 


Chen Ping: “In 2020, China won the trade war, science & technology war, and especially the biological war. The achievement is unprecedented. This is an epoch-making historical record. So for the liberal, America-worshiping cult within China, their worship of the US is actually unfounded. After this trade war and biological warfare, the US was beaten back to its original place.”

OK, that’s basically a startling admission that the CCP virus, or COVID19 pandemic, is biological warfare, and China won that warfare in 2020.

And what is the significance for the CCP to win that warfare? Let’s watch another clip, in which this professor presents his big post-2020, or post biological warfare vision for the CCP and the world.


Chen Ping: “I think the history that China has witnessed this year is indeed a history that has not been seen in a hundred years. This year, China won the first battle of the people’s biological warfare, which actually marks a change that has not been seen in 500 years of human history, that is, the four globalizations led by the maritime powers, all ended with the decline of maritime hegemony.

“But the changes we see this time, from the perspective of scientific revolution, after the first industrial revolution, which was a revolution in physics, the subsequent industrial revolutions, which were actually chemical revolutions, including the two world wars and the nuclear war. But [amid] our COVID19 pandemic this time, what we are facing is a biological war brought about by the era of biological revolution. 

“And in the biological war, for the first time, the civilization of East Asia dominated by agricultural economy, compared to the monotheistic civilization of Central Asia and Western Europe dominated by pastoral economy and nomadic economy, showed a more powerful vitality.

“The year 2020 marks the modernization of mankind [has entered a new era that sees] the decline of the modernization led by the sea power states, while the new development of the continental agricultural states will lead the modernization after the biology revolution. Know your enemy and yourself, and you will be able to dominate the world.”
Did you notice? When he mentioned the CCP virus, he said “our COVID19 pandemic”, as if the CCP owns this pandemic, or is the master of this pandemic.

Let’s read the screenshot of the translation of his most important message together again:

So the title is: 

“What does the year 2020 signify?”

The message is:  

The year 2020 will witness the turning point of modernization in the past five hundred years. Five hundred years ago, the Western sea power countries started the modernization led by the physical and chemical revolutions; after 2020, the land power countries in East Asia will start the modernization led by the biological revolution. A moderately prosperous society developed by Chinese civilization is a sustainable green economy for the earth’s ecology.”

The above two clips are all from a 20 minute speech uploaded on Jan 2, 2021 to China’s own version of YouTube Bilibili. Although he didn’t say that China launched a biological war against the US and the world, the fact that he repeatedly used the term biological war, or people’s biological war, makes the viewers think that subconsciously, he believes the pandemic is a biological war, and the CCP won this war as it is “our COVID19 pandemic”. And this pandemic has given the CCP a once in every 500 year opportunity to become the next No. 1 superpower of the world.

By the way, Chen Ping is a professor emeritus at Beijing University, China’s most prestigious university-by the way, Beijing University is also where I studied. I graduated from there with a Master of Science degree.   

As a professor at Beijing University, Chen Ping had proximity to China’s ruling communists. He is now a senior researcher at Fudan University, also a highly prestigious University, which is in China’s economic capital, Shanghai.  He is “Chair of the Academic Committee, Center for New Political Economy.”  This puts him at the heart of strategic thinking in China about how to deal with the United States. 

He actually gained his PHD in Physics at the University of Texas, Austin in the 1980s.

Did you notice his ending statement?  “If you know your enemy and yourself, you will be able to dominate the world.”

OK, that’s the video I dug out and translated. I don’t know how much more evidence we need to wake the people in the world who are still thinking that the CCP can be tamed, or can become a healthy part of our world.

Now, let’s move to our next topic: Taiwan. 

A Sudden Surge of CCP Virus Cases

After experiencing accelerating tensions and threats from the CCP for months, Taiwan is now troubled with more unexpected emergent situations. While one commentator in Hong Kong said that the public in Taiwan should watch out for unrestricted warfare waged by the CCP, another former Taiwanese congressional assistant thinks Taiwan is winning. 

After being looked up as a role model for its CCP virus (COVID-19) pandemic control, Taiwan suddenly experienced a surge of local cases. 

As of today (May 21) , there have been 3139 confirmed cases and 15 deaths. 335 new cases were reported on May 17, setting a new record. 

Taiwanese health authorities said that nearly all the new cases on that day, or 333 in total, were the result of local transmission. Only two cases were identified as overseas arrivals. 

The authorities also announced that from May 19 until June18 the entry of non-Taiwanese nationals who do not hold a residence permit (including a residence visa) in Taiwan will be suspended and the transit of passengers to Taiwan will also be suspended.

In the meantime, Taipei City and New Taipei City have upgraded their epidemic alert to level 3 from the 15th to the 28th. Restrictions are imposed on many activities and industries. Residents are encouraged to stay home,  gather less and go out less, and to wear masks whenever they go out.

Because of the surge of COVID cases, Taiwan’s stock market suffered a sharp fall of 1,630 points, or 10 percent last Friday, and plunged a further 3 percent on Monday. It bounced back for about 6 percent on Tuesday, and has been hovering at relatively lower levels in the following days. 


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