Angelo Giorgianni: “Stay away from our children, respect fundamental human rights”.

Judge Angelo Giorgianni launches a new alarm: the worldwide management of the pandemic follows the same script. The Cyprus government’s response to the pandemic is causing terror and concern among the Cypriot people who see their freedoms and fundamental rights limited. Safe pass, mandatory tests also for children and teenagers to go to school and the fear of the mandatory vaccine upon returning to school.

Governments around the world are following a unique script for managing the pandemic, so what happens in some states could soon spread to others. The Government of Cyprus, like the rest of the governments of the world, has responded to the pandemic with very heavy human rights limitations and has even activated the Safe Pass which from the end of June will take the name of Green Pass.

The OMV coordinator of Cyprus provided information on the situation in Cyprus.

The Safe Pass entered into force on 10 May and provides for the obligation to show it to people over the age of 12 to visit all shopping centers over 500 square meters with the exception of the food retail trade (supermarkets, bakeries, pastry shops).
The Safe Pass provides a certificate of vaccination with at least the first dose or a negative PCR or rapid test valid for 72 hours or proof that a person has been sick with covid-19 in the past six months.
From 17 May the curfew, also active in Cyprus, begins at midnight and ends at 05:00; the use of the Safe Pass is mandatory for all indoor places where many people gather such as theaters, cinemas, religious places, on the occasion of events such as conferences and fairs; the pass is not compulsory for outdoor places of restaurants, cafes, theaters and cinemas.
A swab is required to travel to the workplace and the frequency of tests depends on the number of employees in each company.
Children 12 and older also need to undergo weekly tests. If they don’t, they can’t go to school in person; moreover, to participate in the end-of-year exams, students must have taken the 72-hour rapid test.
Initially, the health minister said SafePass would be a temporary measure, but the government’s deputy spokesman said the “road to freedom is for the public to prove they are not infected.”
Furthermore, the government of Cyprus seems to have hinted that in September children will have to be vaccinated to return to school.
With the entry into force of the new law (Law 55 (I) / 2021) Cypriot parents are very worried because with the new law the State can ask for an injunction from the court to remove custody from parents if they are deemed irresponsible or incapable.
So if vaccination for minors becomes mandatory in schools in September, many parents will not want to take their children to school because they will refuse the vaccination.
Not taking your child to school is a criminal offense.
It is not difficult to imagine a scenario in which the state deems the parent irresponsible or incapable because he will refuse to accompany the child to school.

Angelo Giorgianni, general secretary of OMV, launches an appeal to all citizens of the world”Do not look elsewhere because the measures they are applying in Cyprus could also be extended to other countries, as has already happened. OMV will file a specific complaint in the Cyprus case with the International Criminal Court in The Hague”. Judge Giorgianni recalls that in the Declaration of the Rights of the Child approved on November 20, 1959 by the General Assembly of the United Nations and revised in 1989, the 10 rights of children are expressed. Principle VI provides verbatim “the child, for the harmonious development of his personality needs love and understanding. He must, as far as possible, grow up under the care and responsibility of his parents and, in any case, in an atmosphere of affection and material and moral security.Giorgianni goes on to state that these principles are already affirmed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, by the European Convention on the Exercise of the Rights of the Child (1996) and by other international treaties that protect the relationship of the child with his family. The forced removal from the family generates suffering for the minor and determines serious psocological damage and at the same time it is a crime against humanity that OMV and Angelo Giorgianni will denounce to the Court of the Hague.

Cyprus has already filed a complaint with OMV with the International Criminal Court in The Hague for crimes against humanity.
It is also noted that the Republic of Cyprus has been a member state of the European Union since May 1st 2004.
The concern of the inhabitants of Cyprus could soon affect other citizens of the world as well.