Poisonous Experimental ‘Covid’ Injection Trials on Infants Have Begun: They Should All Be Imprisoned!

“The victimization of children is nowhere forbidden; what is forbidden is to write about it.”
~ Alice Miller (1998). “Thou Shalt Not Be Aware: Society’s Betrayal of the Child”, p.235, Macmillan

I will write about this government’s efforts to not only victimize children, but to purposely cause them irreparable harm and even death, so as to control their bodies, minds, and spirits in the quest to achieve power over all in the future.

The hope in life is that it will be filled with joy and happiness, but often this is not the case. We strive to achieve a better way, but still life can be consumed by misery and evil. The normal expectation of parents is that their children are healthy, happy, and free of strife, and have a better chance at life than they did. Children, especially when they are first born and very young, are not only totally helpless, but they are completely innocent beings fully dependent on others to survive and remain unscathed. The protection we provide for them is vital, and nothing is more important than protecting the innocent, especially our children. We have reached a stage where this government that has been voluntarily allowed to exist by this population of fools, is attempting to destroy children in order to control humanity. This is an immoral abomination.

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